balootBaloot and  is a very popular card game mainly played in the Arab countries. It is a game of tricks that is played among four players in fixed partnerships, the partners facing each other.

Baloot game

While playing the Balootgame, standard international 52-card pack is used after taking out the cards between 2 – 6, and the game is more often played counter-clockwise.


The main purpose of playing Baloot is to win the maximum rounds in which only the high ranking cards are used for playing. All of the players collect the cards by consuming the cards of their opponent.

Baloot in Saudi Arabia

Playing Balootgame in Saudi Arabia is the most favourite activity among all the gamblers in the country. This game is so popular that it can be easy seen among the rich class of the country.

Although all forms of gambling in Saudi Arabia is banned but some how, the elite class of the country seems to be not so worried while playing this card game of tricks in the open.

Baloot in other Arab countries

Similar to Saudi Arabia, Baloot in other Arab countries is also quite common and very popular as the Arabs whether young or old, all are seen to take keen interest in this game.

However, if someone does get caught while playing Baloot is then treated with severe penalties like lashes and heavy fines. So it is recommended to play this game at a safe premises and among people that can be trusted so that you do not have to face any problems.

On the other hand, if you wish to play Baloot just for the purpose of fun and entertainment, then it is permissible. People in the Arab world can be seen playing it on normal social gatherings.

Some even say that this card game is more than 100 years old and has become extremely popular among people of all ages in the Arab countries.

Due to the fact that this card game has such a long history and many people in the Arab part of the world are quite familiar with it has mad it available on the online channel as well.

Baloot championship

One of the big events in Saudi Arabia is the popular baloot championship with many participants from all Arab countries.  In order to play this game online, all you need is an average smartphone, laptop or even a tablet with good internet connection and your ready to enjoy as if playing at a physical location.

Though Baloot, is a bit difficult game as its rules vary from region to region but once you learn the trades of the game, it becomes quite beneficial for you. Balootgame can be played as a means of gambling with the help of some online casinos as well.